AI Driven Market Expansion

AI Driven demand prediction

Demand forecasting and prediction for high growth product companies


Facts. NOt Opinions.

Replace the supply chain planning guesswork with data driven predictive intelligence.

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Your Proprietary Data

We start with your data. Whether structured or unstructured, we can work with virtually any type of data in any form and
residing anywhere.


Our Custom Models

Then we put deep learning to work to surface insights that would be virtually impossible to see otherwise. In a matter of days. No systems build necessary.


Predictive Intelligence

Our proprietary algorithms turn your data into predictive intelligence forecasting ongoing demand at a product level and course correcting in real-time.

How To Get Started

30-Day New Market Activation

0-10 Days:

We create and test custom machine learning models leveraging your private data

11-20 Days

Next we incorporate these working models into your existing operational workflows

21-30 Days

We then measure outcomes against established benchmark metrics to ensure success

Quick Start Launch

Ongoing, our clients deploy our solutions on an annual subscription basis or as a capped % of targeted outcome in a risk sharing success model.


Success Profile

Automotive Manufacturing Company

To drive expansion and facilitate growth into new markets, we helped an aftermarket manufacturing company more accurately predict individual SKU demand by deploying separate AI agents for every single product SKU, reducing surplus inventory in the supply chain and cutting inventory carrying costs by 80%.


Who We Are

Market Expansion Partners offers data driven AI solutions for high growth product brands and wholesale distributors. Leveraging deep learning algorithms, our solutions help our clients predict demand, drive growth and power new AI enabled products and services.

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